Stone Age Wisdom: The Healing Principles of Shamanism

SAW Book

“A shaman is an individual who uses an enhanced capacity to attend to the unseen world for personal growth and in service to others.”

What does it mean to live in balance? Most people know what it feels like to live out of balance. The fast pace of modern life has left many of us without roots or a sense of connection to life around us. Shamanism is the spiritual practice that evolved from the worldview of our Stone Age ancestors. That worldview recognized that all things were alive, conscious, dynamic, interconnected, and responsive. By animating these core principles in our lives we can find that balance and sense of connection that is so lacking in our urban contemporary world.

By following the healing principles of shamanism outlined in Stone Age Wisdom, you’ll learn to:

DREAM—to be open to and understand the wisdom of your dreams

VISION-SHIFT—to develop the ability to sense the energetic patterns in your life

JOURNEY—to enter into dialogue with the energies that shape our lives

SHAPE-SHIFT—to practice the art of change

CONDUCT CEREMONY—to mediate between the seen and the unseen worlds

DREAM-WEAVE—to direct will and intention through embodied prayer and creative action

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 PillowBook: Deepening the Art of Sacred Sexual Play

PB Book

“Cultivate attraction, love with more depth, live with more passion.”

The PillowBook is based on the fundamental assumption that there is a masculine and a feminine sexual essence. The masculine essence is the penetrative force, directedness, and conscious presence. The feminine force is the receptive radiant embodiment of love, light, surrender, and the flow of energy. The masculine in anyone is that which identifies with seeing (awareness). The feminine is that which identifies with being seen (light). While any man or woman can access masculine or feminine energy at any moment, we all tend to rest as love and consciousness at some point along a masculine/feminine spectrum of expression. It is the polarizing effect of masculine and feminine forces coming together that accounts for the spark of sexual attraction and by consciously cultivating these energies in loving relationship, we more deeply serve each other and the world.

This is an invitation to explore your own sexual essence and deepen your awareness of how your body expresses that essence as energy. The PillowBook is a guide to exploring masculine and feminine sexual essence through a series of 28 evocative erotic encounters and practices designed to help couples open their hearts, deepen their capacity for intimacy, and expand their sense of the nature of sacred sexuality.

Sacred sexual play is the open-hearted exchange of intimate physical, emotional, and spiritual energy between two people committed to serving each other’s spiritual growth and capacity to love. Sacred sexual play is also what it sounds like: two people playing deliciously with their bodies in intimate embrace and loving abandon.

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One Drop Awareness: Picturing Enlightenment and Nonduality

ODA Book 2

“We create such suffering in our illusion of separation, commit such crimes from behind the walls of our well-defended identities, make such poor choices by always seeking what is beyond the here and the now, and wound so deeply from our longing to return to a unity that we deny and refuse. The only way home is through the ultimate truth of our oneness—waking up.”

This is the territory of nonduality, pure awareness, awakening, liberation, self realization, and what the sages have called enlightenment. While the term enlightenment conjures up images of Eastern gurus, esoteric philosophies, or years spent meditating in monasteries or cold mountain caves, it is actually none of these things. Enlightenment happens when consciousness recognizes itself. When this happens, we simply stop seeking. We stop looking outside of ourselves for the objects or conditions that we once thought would bring us peace and contentment—love and joy.

Waking up is not easy. It is not a self-help program. You can’t buy it and no one can give it to you or do it for you. It doesn’t come from books or from retreats. The more you seek it, the more elusive it becomes, but without the desire to wake up, you will continue to sleepwalk through your life.

One Drop Awareness: Picturing Enlightenment and Nonduality, is a playful primer for oneness. It is an exploration of nonduality and the relationship between the appearance of form and formlessness,  between growth, change, and evolution and the realization that everything is perfect as it is. It is also a collection of visual and textual pointing out instructions—nudges in the direction of enlightenment.

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